Pioneers' Research Fund


Objectives of the fund

The objective of the Fund is to provide finance for research in construction and its related disciplines and specifically:-

Foundation donors

Name Company E-mail Phone
R. Dogbegah Berock Ventures Ltd 0244751927
Prof. J. Ayarkwa B. T. 0246010870
K. Hohoabu A. E. S. L., Accra 0244818968
P. Amoah B. T. 0208162383 0243144023
J. Danku B. T. 0208180008
P. Baiden-Amissah C.S.I.R. – B.R.R.I. 0208112257
E. Osei-Tutu C.S.I.R. – B.R.R.I. 0208111791
A. Kundari A & QS Consult 0208390304
D. Dushie PPMC, Accra 0241559154
Alhaji L. Abdul-Wahab A. E. S. L. 0243333196 0576226358
John Acquaye JAA PMCC 0244841363


The following qualifications shall apply to those applying for funds:-

Where the applicant is not a Ghanaian, he or she must show that a Ghanaian is part of the core research team.

Applicants seeking assistance for post-graduate studies shall be Ghanaian of not more than 40 years of age and also provide evidence that they are needy. This evidence will be ascertained by the board of trustees. A minimum of a second class upper degree is required.

Applicants seeking funding for other educational activities shall be Ghanaians of any age and where the applicants are foreigners, they must demonstrate that a Ghanaian is part of the core group in charge of the activities for which funding is being sought.

Activities falling in this bracket include but not limited to:-


All Applications must be addressed to:-

The Administrator

Pioneers’ Research Fund

Department of Building Technology



Applications must reach the Administrator before the end of July of the year in which the work is intended to commence.  In the case of research and post-graduate studies applications must be accompanied by a Concept Note of not more than 500 words. A Concept Note must state, among other things:-

For Applicants seeking assistance for Post-graduate studies, admission letters should be attached.

In the case of applications for sponsorship for other educational activities, the application shall include a write-up on the activity, the target groups, the methodology for carrying out the activities, work plan, the reason for such an activity and the benefits to the country.  Applications for such sponsorship must reach the Administrator, three (3) clear months before the intended commencement date.

Headquarters of the fund

The headquarters of the fund is the Department of Building Technology of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.

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